Family Mini Sessions

This family came for a family mini session during one of our summer mini session dates. I wanted to show how much variety can be captured during a mini session slot of only 20 minutes. Mini sessions only come with 5 digital images but this family purchased the full gallery (as most families choose to do). Even if you only choose 5 images from your mini session you will still have a large variety to choose those images from. It’s truly amazing how much a variety can be done during a quick mini photo session. For more information on family photo sessions please visit here.

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Newborn Videography Session

Because of Covid-19 a lot of families have chosen outdoor newborn sessions this year which has been amazing because it allows for a newborn videography keepsake film to be made as well. I imagine these newborn videos will be quite the treasure for the families in the future to look back on together. A newborn video keepsake film can be added to any outdoor newborn session. For more information on keepsake films please visit here.

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